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Hi Michael and team I was last in touch in January after returning from Fuerteventura,I have since been to Orlando with Aer Lingus for our daughter Suzanne’s wedding which was my goal when I joined your course last September we travelled out on 7th March the day of the nose wheel incident at Dublin airport,and returned on the 19th of March there was a lot of turbulence on the way home but it never phased me, thanks again for all your help my 3 targets achieved all in 6 months not bad for someone who had not flown for 36 years and the wedding was fantastic in a place called Celebration in Florida even the speech went well thanks again Joe and Annette


Just back from Barcelona, my first flight since I came back to the course last month. The approach into Barcelona was bumpy because of the Pyrenees, and the approach back to Dublin was bumpy because of some strong wind, but I used all the techniques relevant to turbulence, and I managed to keep my fear under control. Another reason to be afraid of flying to scratch off my ever shortening list! Thanks, Michael


Completed the course last week. Took my first flight since then today. Dublin to Brussels… Very bumpy To start but kept repeating in my head ‘people get Hurt in turbulence, not planes’. Didn’t need my usual cocktail of Xanax and booze for this flight. Thanks to Michael and the team…think I might enjoying flying from here on out!!


I was hoping you might use the following as a testament to your work To whoever this concerns. I don’t care how frightened you are of flying, I don’t care that you need to sit in a certain spot, head in hands, fingers in ears. I don’t care that if your feet touch the floor of the plane it will fall to earth. I don’t care that turbulence will have you screaming in terror with your partner’s hands ripped to pieces as you cling for comfort I don’t care because i was worse. I had them all, in spades. I was, with no effort, ruining every family holiday. (Who else could convince himself to drive to Barcelona. Actually, plenty of the people on the course did such things due to fear of flying. I know this for a fact, like an alcoholic i had to hit rock bottom before i would do anything about it. The end, when it came, was ridiculous although typical of those afraid of flying. Look at the first few scenes in “French Kiss” starring that blond actress from when Harry met Sally. She was in a flight simulator trying to overcome her fear of flying. That scene, on its own, had me shaking and physically sick. Even i knew that the time had come when i had to fight this monster. Having enrolled with Michael, as you would expect, i was terrified that it might not work, or i’d make a bloody eejit of myself. Mind you i’d made a spectacle of myself on every flight since 1984, so why was i bothered? The Course! How was it? I’ll tell you. Messi is good. Ronaldo is also reasonably good. Champagne is very good. Michael’s course is absolutely, completely and utterly fantastic. Every phobia is covered and we had them all from wings falling off to bombs to drunk pilots Michael went through them all explaining the ins and outs in startling detail. Safety of flying was covered and all the ruses to calm yourself down before during and after a flight.


I immediately booked a flight to Amsterdam. Last year on the same flight i seriously thought i was dying of a heart attack such was the stress i was putting myself under. This year, nothing. No tears, no panic, no prayers. I even managed to eat a lunch (the mile high club beckons!!!!. Although that might be pushing it a little)
If you have a problem flying, or have a partner, relation or friend who has, please do them the best favour you have ever done. Contact Michael immediately. It is the best money you’ll ever spend
Many Thanks
Brian Jamison


Hi Michael
Took a trip to Lisbon last week and found your course helped me a lot. at least I knew I had techniques to use when the fear set in and that helped. Even flew home without any vodka!!!! Miracle….


Hi Michael. Just back from my first trip to Spain ever . My fear of flying has held me back for many years and lots of missed opportunities. Did the fear of flying course back in May and I cannot believe the difference it has made to me . Flew from Dublin to Malaga last Sunday without a hitch and came home on Friday the same. Really enjoyed the experience.. knowing what all the noises were and where they were coming from. Not bad for a fella who would be nervous just dropping someone off at the airport. It also took two attempts to ring Michael for the course. The first time when he answered I hung up. Thanks to Michael and all involved on the course I am free. Vivian. September 2012.


Hi guys. Just to let ye know that I am back from an amazing week in Portugal. Must admit that I was a slight bit anxious after take-off on the way out, and it took a little while to settle but that passed. Listened to the cd for a while and even got up and took my daughter to the loo!! The return journey was so much easier and I really enjoyed it and coming back into Kerry we hit turbulence and found myself reassuring the passenger next to me that we were not going to fall out of the sky!! I was not one bit nervous or scared and was so chuffed with myself for this. Major result everyone. Thanks again for all the help on the course because without it and all the information I would never have taken that first step. And even though I am only back I am already trying to plan where I will go next. Happy Flying everyone…….Orlaith. September 2012


Hi Michael, I just wanted to thank you most sincerely for your wonderful words of advice and reassurance – I am home safe and sound. Thank God after two super smooth flights. I was so calm and the aspects of the simulator came back to me. Noises, which before would have petrified me, made sense, aspects of the flight and plane movement all became a normal reality of a journey. The idea of the maths tables truly worked … I was airborne without even knowing the plane was off the ground and exactly the same feelings happened on both landings. Thank you once again for your support and continued success with your programme. Kindest regards Claire


I won a place on your course with Today Fm a while back. I am just back from my holiday in Montenegro. We flew into Dubrovnik and I have to say it was probably the best flight I have ever been on. The flight on the way over was grand until we hit turbulence over the Alps….and even then it was still fine! The turbulence lasted about 20 minutes but we got through it in the end. There were kids crying, bells ringing, lights flashing but because I completed your course, I knew this was all normal. The next flight now is our honeymoon and I can really look forward to it now! Thanks a million for all your help, Louise.


Hi Michael,it’s Louise, here,I attended your course 3 weeks ago.have just landed safe and sound in Faro. The flight was wonderful,I listened to your cd every second day since the course and I cannot believe the difference in me.i even looked out the window both during the flight and landing!!!i cannot thank you enough.i will be doing everything you told me to do in order to hopefully one day no longer have a fear of flying.keep up the great work.i have to say I’m very proud of myself!!!!

Michael thanks for helping me on your Fly Fearless course just back from Spain after not flying foreign since my honeymoon thirty-one years ago ….had a great time just listened to your disc over and back turbulence no problem thanks again, Paul…


Hi Michael, I have been looking forward to writing this testimonial for a long time! From someone who would not set foot on a plane this time last year, I have just completed a trip to the US, three internal flights and flew home from San Francisco to Dublin by myself. I am feeling a lot more confident about flying, and friends and family are stunned as to how calm I was for the whole thing. I can not thank you enough, no longer will I let this fear hold me back. I also booked flights to London in a couple of weeks time and will continue to fly as regularly as I can. Thank you so much again… Sarah-Jane


Hi Michael, Firstly thanks for all the help, advice and knowledge I got from the course. I am so happy I attended on Saturday, the good news is that I was so confident and prepared when we finished I booked flights for yesterday and flew, over and back!! to London, on my own.
Everything went well. I stopped my younger brain taking over…I did tapping on the morning, and the crazy Maths was helpful taking off (which was when I was most anxious). We had a bumpy flight going over, and I wasn’t concerned one bit which I was delighted about. The landing wasn’t a problem either. I flew Aer Lingus at the window over…and BMI at the aisle coming back.I much preferred the window but glad I sat on both seats just that I know what both feels like now. I feel so much happier with flying now.


My next flight is the end of May and will be looking forward to it, not dreading it. Thank you again for helping me free myself from my fear of flying… I won’t be having any more panic “TANTRUMS”…..I hope the other class members are brave and do the same; they’ll be so surprised at the results.I am. Best of luck to them and to your great course, happy flying… Kind regards, Mairead


Dear Michael,
My dad Brendan took your course on January 15th, and it was a complete success. We would like to thank you soooooo much for all your hard work, dedication and patience. My parents both took a lovely, well deserved holiday for two weeks in Florida to a family reunion and without your help I can honestly say he wouldn’t have got there. He enjoyed himself immensely and swore by you and your fearless fly course. It has honestly changed his life. I am emigrating in two weeks, and he has even assured me that he will be able to fly to both Thailand and Australia to visit me. This is something he would never have been able to do before, and it will help keep our family in contact. We honestly cannot thank you enough. Keep up the good work….Kellie.


Just landed in London Michael omg could kiss you ha ha! And so could my husband, his hand is intact. I had no worries up there. Boarding my next leg in a few hours but very relaxed x thanks again for last Saturday….Nuala


“My husband had a one day seminar with you approximately February this year,I also attended with him.  I would just like to let you know how successful your course has been for him.


He took his first flight last Monday 24th October and I have to say the transformation in his behaviour before during and after the flight is just astounding.   As you are aware previous to this he would have been a total wreck before we got on the flight, to the point he would have had to visit his GP for medicinal support to calm his nerves while travelling.  It would then have been a white-knuckle ride with his head pressed against the seat in front for the journey, and if there were any jolts at all he could not even speak.  Whereas on Monday he may as well have just hopped on and off a bus as there was no anxiety, sweatiness or white knuckles, and I would say he actually enjoyed a flight for the first time in his life.


When I asked him what he thought had made the seminar work for him – he explained it was the whole process of sitting in the cockpit, taking off and landing the plane- he said “I have no fear now of what goes on up there (cockpit) I know how it all works now”.

Again many thanks, it was money worth spending.“


“Hi, I just want to let you guys know I couldn’t recommend this course more. I recently went to America and was going to be taking four flights while I was there. Usually, I would hardly sleep with the nerves coming up to when I’m going to go on a flight, but I was so confident in what i had learnt in the course that I wasn’t nervous coming up to it and even when I was on the flight. If I started to get a bit nervous, I just went through my notes and talked them through with my friend, and I was then put at ease. Even so far as going to sleep on the plane, something I have never done or even imagined myself doing. All I can say is thank you so much you have opened so many doors for me. Keep up the great work.”


“Robert, here I was on your course a few weeks ago, and it really helped me a lot, I flew a few days after the course and got on fairly well and last Friday I flew for the first time on my own with no problems at all I even slept for the first time on a flight it may not sound like a lot but for me it is such a relief for me to be able to fly without fear, so I just wanted to email you to thank you and everyone on the course for all your help I shall be traveling a lot more now. R.W.


“I had a terrible problem with flying, got so bad that I couldn’t even go into an airport, but with Michael’s help, I got on a plane to new york and then to Las Vegas and then back to Dublin. Michael, you opened up my life again, so thank you so so much.” CB Dublin.