That lovely moment when the text arrives

Flyfearless taking the anxiety from air travel.

That lovely moment when the text arrives

May 28, 2014 Personal Work 0

15/03/14 07:05

A tough day at the office made special by a short text from Spain.

I was having a tough day at the office the other day ( paperwork) and feeling just a little grumpy when a text arrived from one of our Fly Fearless Participants. It read, “Michael thanks so much arrived safely enjoyed the flight and for the first time in my life I looked out the window and enjoyed the beautiful views wow I can’t believe this :-). Sharon C.” It’s truly moments like this that are a real joy. Sharon had taken our course a few weeks before and like many of the 1,200 people before her had arrived somewhat anxious about the whole day ahead. She threw herself into the course and towards the end felt empowered to take on this anxiety that had “cramped her style” for many years. It might sound a little soft, but my real joy is hearing back from people who have taken the their flight, mastered the anxiety and re-discovered their freedom to travel. There is a glow of satisfaction from them and I will admit from me and those on the team who help out … they tell me too that they love to hear the stories of new found freedom. Well as we head into our fifth year I am hugely motivated to keep going, despite the paperwork and to continue to look forward to those short text messages sent from distant airports like this one, “Hi Michael I have landed in Paris. Kept my fear under control tables really helped going up and coming down…Felt confident and relaxed leaving the flight. Thank you so much for your help and for taking the call. I know it’s beyond the call of duty. Thanks again. Sinead….” Let’s leave the last word with Geoff, “Completed the course last week.. Took my first flight since then today. Dublin to Brussels… Very bumpy To start but kept repeating in my head ‘people get Hurt in turbulence not planes’. Didn’t need my usual cocktail of zanex and booze for this flight.. Thanks to Michael and the team…think I might actually enjoying flying from here on out!!” To Geoff, Sharon, Sinead and all those Fearless Flyers….Thank you!