Analysis of The Fly Fearless Seminar.

Our course was recently evaluated by a psychology student as part of her thesis. During that time she followed and monitored the progress of participants and interviewed them by questionnaire before and after the Fly Fearless Seminar. The purpose of this quasi-experimental survey study was to explore the effects of a multi-component fear of flying program on individuals who fear flying. The purposive sample of seventeen participants comprised of five men (29.4%) and twelve women (70.6%). This within-group study measured participants’ flying anxiety, self-efficacy and locus of control. Each participant completed a questionnaire before the intervention and immediately after. The questionnaire consisted of three measures, Flight Anxiety Situations, Generalised Self-efficacy Scale and Locus of Control Scale.The analysis showed a significant reduction in flying anxiety, a significant increase in self-efficacy but no increase in the locus of control. Thus proving that a multi-component fear of flying program has a positive effect on one’s flying anxiety and self-efficacy.

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