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Flyfearless taking the anxiety from air travel.

That lovely moment when the text arrives

15/03/14 07:05 A tough day at the office made special by a short text from Spain.

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Top Tips for Managing Fear

12/03/14 11:02 Turbulence may feel uncomfortable, but it is normal. People often misunderstand turbulence. When encountering turbulence, nervous passengers feel the plane is “falling” out of the sky. It is natural for them to only feel the “down” bumps. But for every

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Flying with Children

12/03/14 10:45 Sitting in Departures the other day at Gate 207 in Dublin airport and the call goes out inviting parents traveling with children to come forward for boarding. Our fellow travellers, some in suits grumble while they wait and fret, wonder if they will end up sitting near the parents pride and joy. Taking…
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Postpone you worries

12/03/14 10:26 Postponing Your Worries Agree to pay attention to your worries. Chose a specific time in the future when you will return to them. As the time arrives, either start obsessing or consider postponing the worries to another specific time. Whenever possible choose to postpone.

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