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Welcome to Ireland’s professional course for fear of flying.

Seminars Postponed until we are all flying again.

We’ve taken the decision to postpone all our courses until the world is flying again.  Anyone booked on our courses ahead has had their deposits returned.  Once we know what the future for aviation looks like we will come back with new courses.


A Story of Success

I took part in the fly fearless course on October 5th and I was due to move to Australia, a 25-hour journey, 10 days later. The minute I arrived for the course I felt very welcome and at ease which meant a lot, especially when I was on my own. The course was absolutely fantastic, it is not in any way a form of psychology but simply educational.

The smallest things that used to terrify me when it came to flying now have no effect on me cause I simply know what they are and why they’re happening. I watched movies and relaxed on my 7-hour flight to Qatar and I slept for 10 hours on my 14-hour flight to Sydney and then flew again to Cairns 3 days later and not once was I nervous or scared. Then only yesterday I did something I never thought I would have ever considered until Michael’s course, I jumped out of a plane from 15,000ft and I now have that amazing experience thanks to the Fly Fearless course. My life has been completely changed and so many options have opened up to me now my fear is under control and that’s something you can’t put a price on. Thank you to Michael and all the team at Fly Fearless an incredible course and company. Emma Quinn

What People are saying

Gemma Levy

I did the course last year, and I had to fly in January, and it was the best flight I have ever been on. Before I did the course I was a wreck in all sense of the terms, the flight in January I did was a pleasure I drank my tea, read my magazine and slept for 1 hour to my shock. I enjoy flying now and can’t wait for my flight in 3 weeks!! Karey McHugh Farag Best of luck to everyone doing the course. I flew to Dubai last September and New York and Las Vegas last month. I wouldn’t have considered even a 1-hour flight a couple of years ago. Still, have a few wobbly moments, but I have been equipped with so much knowledge from the Fly Fearless course that has made a huge difference.

Previous Participants

Steph Ruane

I didn’t fly for ten years and took my first flight when I was 23 to Portugal with Michael’s help. I took the course twice, the second time as a refresher-it’s brilliant. Just back from my seven-month break travelling Asia and Australia. I would highly recommend this course to anyone with a fear of flying or turbulence. Ciara Taylor I participated in this course last summer. I’ve just come back from my brother’s wedding in America, and I was on six planes in less than three weeks. This was something that would have been unimaginable less than two years ago. All thanks to the knowledge and coping techniques instilled in me from this course. Thanks again!

The Small Print in Big Print

Please note this course is educational and does not constitute therapy or treatment. The purpose of this course is not to treat extreme forms of general anxiety but to assist healthy individuals to reach their goals to reduce their fear and to gain insight into aviation information for anxiety management. It also teaches some techniques that have been demonstrated to help manage or reduce anxiety specifically related to air travel. We recommend if you are receiving treatment for anxiety other than that related to air travel that you discuss your intention to take this educational course with your primary care physician or therapist. No health claims are made for this course, and the course presenter is not a medical practitioner or a psychiatrist.