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Please don’t confuse us with anyone else out there; there is only one FlyFearless Ireland, helping people overcome anxiety related to flying since 2009, based in the Dublin Airport Logistics Park.

Our main face-to-face, one-day classroom and simulator course gets results and includes the flight simulator session at no extra charge. There are no hidden extras.

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We started in 2009 and in that time have worked with over 3,400 people to help reduce their anxiety when they fly

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Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our participants say:

I took the Fly Fearless course on October 5th and was due to move to Australia, a 25-hour journey ten days later. The minute I arrived for the course, I felt very welcome and at ease which meant a lot, especially when I was on my own. The course was fantastic, and it is not in any way a form of psychology but simply educational.

Then only yesterday, I did something I never thought I would have considered until Michael’s course, I jumped out of a plane from 15,000ft, and I now have that fantastic experience thanks to the Fly Fearless course.

My life has been completely changed, and so many options have opened up to me; now, my fear is under control, and that’s something you can’t put a price on.

Thank you to Michael and all the team at Fly Fearless, an incredible course.

Emma Quinn

Fantastic day, thanks to
Mike, Paul and Karl, my
husband Michael, who
attended only yesterday
got on his 1st ever plane
last night, he was calm,
remembered maths
technique while waiting
to take off, he was
amazing, thank you so
much guys, you really
have changed our lives
now, keep doing what
you do, many thanks

Sharon and Michael

I am sorry I didn’t take
this course with Fly
Fearless before now! The
content and experience in
the simulator was
invaluable in helping me
address my concerns.
Michael was a fantastic
instructor got to the
heart of my concern very
quickly enabling me to
address it. Thank you for
all your support and
advice. I look forward to
my next flight and putting
in to practice what you
taught me.

Shay Clancy
5 Star Review on Trustpilot

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Helpful and insightful course with practical advice!
I took the FlyFearless course on June 12th last. Since I took the course, I’ve been on three return flights! One long haul (Portland, Oregon [9.5 hours!!!]) and two short hauls (London and Lisbon). I feel like my old self. I can’t believe it; I’ve come to enjoy the sensations of flying again!
It helped me to learn about the technical aspects of flying. The noises, the bells, the degrees at which the pilot steers the plane, the reason why the seatbelt sign goes on and why the pilot might not make many announcements, what turbulence is and how to go with the bounce rather than grip the armrest all stressed out…
The psychological aspect of the course was also insightful and helped me spot what my mind does to influence my emotions negatively and vice versa. I can get out of that miserable loop quicker these days, and it’s down to the stuff I learned in this course. That, along with ensuring I’m not tired, hungry, or angry before takeoff.
Being given these details by industry experts and the advice on what flight path tools I can use pre-flight has calmed down the noise in my brain during flights. I’m so thankful for it.
I never thought I’d get close to being how I used to be on flights – but it’s happening. I nearly fell asleep on my last one instead of being uncomfortably hyper-alert.
I recommend this course to anyone anxious about flying – whether you’ve always been nervous about it or, like me, you loved flying before. Still, the anxiety developed slowly and took over over time.
Date of experience: 12 June 2022

In Ireland we operate with Simtech Aviation in the Dublin Airport Logistics Park

Our course in Ireland is run at the facilities of Simtech Aviation in the Dublin Airport Logistics Park.  Simtech Aviation is an award-winning aviation training facility based near Dublin International Airport, Ireland.  You will experience the 737-800 simulator and the take-off, turns and landings of a typical flight.


In Dubai, we operate with Dynamic Advanced Training.

Our international course is run in Dubai at the facilities of Dynamic Advanced Training. Located in the Mohammed bin Rashid Aerospace Hub, Dubai South, Dynamic Advanced Training is the leading independent provider of aviation safety training in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia (MENASA).

Our Dubai Course is available here at


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Michael Comyn

Founder FlyFearless

Karl Supple

Pilot Instructor

Robbie Doyle

Cabin Crew Instructor

Paul Moriarty

Director of Operations

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