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The Works

Take all four of our Fear of Flying courses together and get a discount. Based on the highly successful FlyFearless® course that’s been running since 2009, over 3,500 people have taken it successfully.

The Mini Course

Take this lesson now if you’be recently avoided a flight or are anxious about one coming up.

How Airplanes Fly

What was that noise? Have you ever wanted to learn more about how aeroplanes fly safely? This course will teach you everything from the physics that keeps an aircraft in the air to its history and design and how they are maintained.

Turbulence & Weather

In this module, you will cover everything you need to know about weather and turbulence. From understanding what they are to how they affect flight, you’ll learn all the terminology and tips to keep yourself safe and comfortable.

Time to Fly

This module is for those who have completed the online or classroom course and summarises how to plan your next flight. It can also be taken by anyone who is not concerned by how aeroplanes fly or turbulence.

It’s was all about TRUST

The Challenge for you to overcome your fear.

When I started Fly Fearless in 2009 it was one of the more scary things I’ve ever done.  I had a real belief that is nervous flyers could ask questions in a safe environment, talk with pilots, learn to manage anxiety and try out their newfound skills in a flight simulator then they might have a better chance of getting back in the air.  We were right and over 3,600 people let us help them.  We had about a 92% success rate and that meant there were a small number of people we couldn’t help but who we were happy to refer on for further help.  I’m till going to fly for fun and while we won’t have the classroom course we will continue to offer access to all the online material.

Michael Comyn – Founder Fly Fearless

Our Course in Numbers

We started in 2009 and in that time have worked with over 3,601 people to help reduce their anxiety when they fly

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Live Courses
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What our previous participants say

Don’t take our word for it–here’s what our participants say:

I took the Fly Fearless course on October 5th and was due to move to Australia, a 25-hour journey ten days later. The course was fantastic, and it is not in any way psychology but simply educational. The minute I arrived for the course, I felt very welcome and at ease, which meant a lot, especially when I was on my own.

Then only yesterday, I did something I never thought I would have considered until Michael’s course. I jumped out of a plane from 15,000ft, and I now have that fantastic experience thanks to the Fly Fearless course.

My life has been completely changed, and so many options have opened up to me; now, my fear is under control, and that’s something you can’t put a price on.

Thank you to Michael and the team at Fly Fearless, an incredible course.

Emma Quinn

Course answered all questions and fears I had. Lads a fantastic at what they do. I feel able to fly fearless now

Aidan Finneran

Fantastic day, thanks to
Mike, Paul and Karl, my
husband Michael, who
attended only yesterday
got on his 1st ever plane
last night, he was calm,
remembered maths
technique while waiting
to take off. He was
amazing, thank you so
much guys, you really
have changed our lives
now, keep doing what
you do, many thanks

Sharon and Michael

Brilliant day. I feel so much more confident about flying. Very informative. I’m actually excited about going on my holidays in April now.

Lisa Charles

Forever grateful to Michael. 32 years old and booked my first flight to London in two weeks’ time. You made the unknown known and normalised it all for me. I really enjoyed the simulator as it allowed me to experience how it will feel on a flight. This will change my life forever. Maria.

I am sorry I didn’t take
this course with Fly
Fearless before now! The
content and experience in
the simulator was
invaluable in helping me
address my concerns.
Michael was fantastic
instructor got to the
heart of my concern very
quickly enabling me to
address it. Thank you for
all your support and
advice. I look forward to
my next flight and putting
in to practice what you
taught me.

Shay Clancy

Most amazing experience. Michael has a world of knowledge for aeroplanes and flying. It was fun and an enjoyable day, but most of all, his expertise and knowledge helped me and my partner in ways I didn’t think were possible. As soon as we got home, we booked our flights and accommodation in London in two weeks. Fear has turned into excitement, and we can’t wait for our first trip abroad. All thanks to Michael and his team. We are forever grateful

Emma Coughlan

I would highly recommend this course to any nervous flyers. Two weeks after the course, I could get on a 2-hour flight with no nerves at all. I ended up really enjoying flying for the first time in years.
Fly Fearless Seminar Sunday, November 20th

Caitlin Shipley

I just wanted to send you an email to thank you so sincerely for the information and techniques you shared on the course. I have just landed and am still on the plane, having flown to Amsterdam for a lovely post-Xmas break with my family; all the techniques worked so well on both flights – my left-handed writing is really coming along!!!
So just to say a huge thank you again, this is my first return flight or any flight in 3 years and the most relaxed I’ve ever been on the plane.
Thank you again!

Sinéad Hession

5 Star Review on Trustpilot

Compliments are meant for sharing

Helpful and insightful course with practical advice!
I took the FlyFearless course on June 12th last. Since I took the course, I’ve been on three return flights! One long haul (Portland, Oregon [9.5 hours!!!]) and two short hauls (London and Lisbon). I feel like my old self. I can’t believe it; I’ve come to enjoy the sensations of flying again!
It helped me to learn about the technical aspects of flying. The noises, the bells, the degrees at which the pilot steers the plane, the reason why the seatbelt sign goes on and why the pilot might not make many announcements, what turbulence is and how to go with the bounce rather than grip the armrest all stressed out…
The psychological aspect of the course was also insightful and helped me spot what my mind does to influence my emotions negatively and vice versa. I can get out of that miserable loop quicker these days, and it’s down to the stuff I learned in this course. That, along with ensuring I’m not tired, hungry, or angry before takeoff.
Being given these details by industry experts and the advice on what flight path tools I can use pre-flight has calmed down the noise in my brain during flights. I’m so thankful for it.
I never thought I’d get close to being how I used to be on flights – but it’s happening. I nearly fell asleep on my last one instead of being uncomfortably hyper-alert.
I recommend this course to anyone anxious about flying – whether you’ve always been nervous about it or, like me, you loved flying before. Still, the anxiety developed slowly and took over over time.
Date of experience: 12 June 2022

A Special Thank You To Our Amazing Team

Michael Comyn

Founder FlyFearless

Karl Supple

Pilot Instructor

Robbie Doyle

Cabin Crew Instructor

Paul Moriarty

Director of Operations

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