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These are the Course Options

There are three options – the Main Seminar is the most popular. Our courses are suitable for anyone aged 16 or older. 

You’re going on holiday or a business trip. Not wing walking!

A psychology student evaluated our course as part of her thesis. During that time, she followed and monitored the participants’ progress and interviewed them by questionnaire before and after the Fly Fearless Seminar.

This quasi-experimental survey study aimed to explore the effects of a multi-component fear of flying program on individuals who fear flying. The purposive sample of seventeen participants comprised five men (29.4%) and twelve women (70.6%).

This within-group study measured participants’ flying anxiety, self-efficacy and locus of control. Each participant completed a questionnaire before the intervention and immediately after. The questionnaire consisted of three measures, Flight Anxiety Situations, Generalised Self-efficacy Scale and Locus of Control Scale.

The analysis showed a significant reduction in flying anxiety and a significant increase in self-efficacy but no increase in the locus of control. Thus proving that a multi-component fear of flying program positively affects one’s flying anxiety and self-efficacy.

If you are of an estimated one in 10 of us, who feels a morbid sense of fear around flying. Some experts even claim that one in six will feel anxiety about being in an aeroplane at some stage; this course can provide you with the tools to feel more in control.

What Our Clients Say

We are always delighted to hear back from our course participants who have over the last 13 years shared their delight at being back in the air and flying without fear.

I did the course last year, and I had to fly in January, and it was the best flight I have ever been on. Before I did the path, I was a wreck in all sense of the term; the flight in January I did was a pleasure. I drank my tea, read my magazine and slept for 1 hour to my shock. I enjoy flying now and can’t wait for my flight in 3 weeks.

Gemma Levy

Fantastic day, thanks to Mike, Paul and Karl, my husband Michael,who attended only yesterday got on his 1st ever plane last night, he was calm, remembered maths technique while waiting to take off, he was amazing, thank you so much guys, you really have changed our lives now, keep doing what you do , many thanks 

Sharon and Michael Monaghan

An excellent and informative course. Michael, Robbie & Karl were so calm and efficient. They acknowledged our fears but give concise and reasonable answers to them. It was great to understand the plane and the different noises associated with different things that happen during the flight that often cause me to worry.
I’d highly recommend this course to anyone that experiences anxiety when flying!!

Sinéad McGinley

I am sorry I didn’t take this course with Fly Fearless before now! The content and experience in the simulator was invaluable in helping me address my concerns. Michael was a fantastic instructor and got to the heart of my concern very quickly enabling me to address it. Thank you for all your support and advice. I look forward to my next flight and putting in to practice what you thought me.

Shay (One to One)

Our Awesome Team

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Michael Comyn

Founder & CEO

Michael started Flyfearless in 2009 when he saw an opportunity to combine his love of flying with his interest in reducing anxiety and fear in everyday situations. He enjoys making it possible for people to master their fears and rediscover the joy of travel.

Karl Supple

Pilot (Instructor)

Karl flies with a major airline, and as well as being a pilot, he is an experienced trainer and instructor. He has been with FlyFearless from the beginning, and his ability to explain the complex world of the flight deck is done with ease.

Robert Doyle

Cabin Crew Trainer (Instructor)

Robbie has extensive experience as a Cabin Manager and trainer and brings an excellent insight into the passenger cabin of a modern airliner. He has answers to even the most obscure questions. 

Paul Moriarty

Operations & Director of Training

Paul has been involved with Fly Fearless for the last ten years and, in that time, has helped with the development of course content and activities.  

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