One in six people like you is anxious about flying, missing overseas holidays and limiting opportunities for travel and adventure. Do you fly, but only on certain airlines, on flights not longer than two hours? 2.1 Billion people fly safely, every year, on Michael pic93,000 flights daily. You can be on one of those flights, relaxed and free from your anxiety…it starts by taking one of our one-day seminars €200. Your partner can come for a discount, that’s only €90  more, but they mustn’t be afraid of flying so they can act as your support and coach. We take a common sense approach; this is an educational course and we don’t use hypnosis!. If more than one of your “direct” family have a fear of flying and would like to attend, please call Michael before you book to get a discount code on 086-2561729

Most of our course participants visited this site up to 10 times before booking on our seminar; it’s rarely an instant decision. We know and understand that facing your fear and the possibility that you might be able to manage or remove this anxiety is a big decision. If you have any questions about our approach, please call us from 10.00am to 9.00pm Monday to Saturday. In the meantime read some of the comments from our past participants on Facebook!

The Fly Fearless seminars are designed and run by Michael Comyn assisted by a team of appropriate experts made up of cabin crew and pilots.

Michael was one of the youngest people to fly solo in Ireland at the age of 16 over 30 years ago.
He is a certified Aircrew Resource Management Instructor CRMI and trains aircrew on aspects of flight safety related to effective communications, error management, Non-technical skills and stress awareness and management.

Many have followed in his footsteps, but few have his passion for aviation combined with his knowledge and interest in working with phobias and anxiety. Michael is Managing Director of The Fearless Organisation and also operates stress management services for individuals and corporations.

Michael’s passion is to see people become fearless, that’s what he does, he is happy to tell you how he does it.

Over 18 years ago Michael began looking at the fears associated with flying and was surprised to find that it can take only moments to become phobic and minutes to fix it. His one to one educational sessions and group training sessions are structured and carefully planned around simple principles. The more you know, the less anxious you become. You also need a strategy to calm your brains attempts to keep you “safer” than it needs for a single flight. “Our passion is to set you free from your fear and anxiety and to see you happy to travel. This course will help you regain that lost sense of control and get you on your way on that holiday, business or family flight.”

We are proud of our one to one client attention. Your feedback tells us you like our personal and friendly approach. We have techniques that are elegant, encouraging and have a fantastic success rate with almost 90% flying within two months of their course. There are several options available in Ireland including hypnosis and virtual flight experiences. However we are unique in our combination of seminar, simulator access and “flight” programme – we like to think we are also the best value. We will help you identify the sources of your anxiety, help you recognise and change harmful modes of thinking and learn how to stop worry. It’s time to conquer your fears and take charge of your life.

Most adults we see are not phobic about flying, their reaction is better described as “Adult Situational Response” and centres around control rather than safety, talk to us about our unique and successful options.