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Michael Comyn Founder of The Fearless Organisation and Fly Fearless Ireland, a lot of your questions answered in less than 3 minutes. This course is for you if you won’t fly, or you will fly but are miserable for days before the flight, during it and for days before you are due to return home. Over 2,000 people have taken the course since 2009. Please note we are not affiliated with any other courses here in Ireland. In the UK we partner with Virgin and no other airline.

We are an Irish business and proud to offer you local support before and after you course, unlike other courses that run once a year we have a seminar every month and we offer 3 months of free telephone support after your course. Also, we don't take you flying on the day of the course in a small regional aircraft, we consider you free from anxiety when you go on your own flight. The stress of a flight on the day of the course is often too much and makes for a miserable experience!

The Original Fly Fearless Course
Based near Dublin Airport and now going into our eight year with over 1,900 people having taken the course, this one day course is for you if you are afraid to fly. Maybe you used to fly once now it’s a trial when you do or you just can’t bear to go at all. If you do get away you are dreading coming back and your trip is ruined by worry, weeks in advance. Pay the balance on the day, a €50 deposit is required to hold your place, you can however change your booking to a later date with 7 days notice. You can pay the balance on arrival at the course in cash or by Visa Debit Card or Mastercard.

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Fly Fearless Kids from 7 to 14 years old
Every year we meet parents who find their holiday plans altered because a child, who once flew happily, now won’t get on an aircraft. We run a short 2 hour session with a maximum of 4 children at our centre on Sunday’s. The session is fun and entertaining and very effective. Each child must be accompanied by a parent of guardian. The cost of the Fly Fearless Kids session is €100. Adults go free!

Our next course for children is planned for Sunday June 19th at 4.30pm.
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VIP & Celebrity One to One Course

This day is the ultimate level of one to one attention to work with your fear of flying.  Working with the CEO of Fly Fearless, Michael  offers you the highest level of personal attention, addressing your specific concerns about flying to enable you to fly without fear in a totally discrete environment.  Rates for the VIP version of the course start from €1,200 to €2,750 depending on the resources you require and are less if using your own aircraft. You will spend around 3 hours or more as required with Michael Comyn, before being accompanied on a full motion flight simulator. 
Call +353 41-972 0104 for details.